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Top 5 Disney Characters 
05 02 10
  Okay, so this was incredibly difficult and the list may change but as of now, these are my favorites. I posted this in a form of a mini-picspam. :) [did this for a challenge at disney_uberland  ]

5. Princess Tiana

I love how she's fiercely independent. I have similar views on life like her. I'm a 'go-getter' type, just like Tiana. I adore how she's so close with her father. It's so cute to watch. This girl needs more love.

4. Alice

OMG, Alice! She's curious like I am. and the scene where she was crying and singing 'i give myself very good advice' made me cry. :( She's a wise-butt and I like her for that. I wish Disney had more characters like her. It'd be wicked awesome. Not to mention, she's incredibly cute too. :)

3. Belle

Belle. She's my favorite Disney princess ever. She's smart and clever and she likes books. <3 I like how she looks for character in a guy and not looks. She's not your typical girl and I like that. The way she sacrificed for her dad was just ... words can't even describe how much I admire her for what she did. She's definitely a role model kids should look up to.

2. Mulan
She isn't a princess and I don't care. I'd go to battle with her any day. When I was a kid and I felt sad about myself, I'd watch this movie and instantly feel better. Mulan taught me that it's okay to be different and to be comfortable in my own skin. She taught me that just because society tells me to do something, doesn't mean I have to listen. Not to mention the fact she risks her life for her family. I can only hope to be as brave as her one day.


1. Stitch

Okay so, I know I'm part of Team Stitch and I may seem biased but Stitch is sooooo adorable. Who can hate that adorable face? I like how he learns how to let people in his life and tames himself in a way. It just goes to show that if you try really hard, you can achieve something. If any of you watched Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch, you'll all remember how Stitch didn't tell Lilo about what's been happening to him and he chose to distance himself from her since Lilo wanted to win the competition so badly. He is awesome and I can just keep on ranting on how awesome he is. Oh, and he's one of my favorite colours : BLUE.

Honorable mentions : Lilo, Shang, Sully, Tigger, Eeyore, Dory

comments are love. I'd love to hear what you're thinking. :D Please don't use any of the pictures without permission and/or credit. thanksss. :D 
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05 02 10 (UTC)

Love it! Best first choice ever!
05 03 10 (UTC)

Stitch is too adorable. :D
(Deleted comment)
05 03 10 (UTC)
Stitch love is love. <3

Lol, i love 'em too.
05 03 10 (UTC)
Mulan, I think , should totally be a princess!

Love your choices btw:)
05 03 10 (UTC)
well, I think Disney considers her as a princess but technically speaking, she wasn't married into royalty nor was she born into it. I don't care. She still kicks major butt. :))

yay! :D
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